Other than Japan, Taiwan would be one of the few places you wiil randomly bump into a Totoro on the street. ( Other areas will be covered in the other post shortly )

Today, we are bringing to a spot named “大內龍貓公車站” ( Tainei Totoro Bus Stop ).


Tainan Totoro Bus Stop

As this place is located in Taiwan, therefore, many of its information are written in Chinese. Hence, I am trying my very best to translate them into English so more of us can understand and hopefully, visit here one day!

Anyway I think I will have to visit here at least once in my life time and I believe, after seeing all the image, you will be the same!


Lets the tour begins!


When you see this sign, you are on the right track. Follow the arrow…


There are so many Totoros hidden in this art village, so don’t be afraid to walk around and you will never get bored.


How cool is this, to have a Totoro outside your house?





A ride-able wooden catbus built by the locals:



It says: “No litter!”. As a Totoro lovers, we know the rules ya?



Your final destination!



This place, seriously a Totoro lovers heaven. You will be surrounded by so many amazing Totoro paintings once you entered the village.

Excited to visit here one day?


Here is the address:

Chinese address:  台南市大內區南182鄉道151號 ( Remember to keep a Chinese note in your pocket. Just in case you get lost, you can show the locals where you are heading to … )

English address: 742, Taiwan, Tainan City, Danei District



Thank you very much for the fellow people for sharing their experience online (mimg47,小玉兒, rebecca, yoke, jenstravel, viablog). For more update about this place, you may also visit the  official Facebook page.

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