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Amazing Totoro Art Worth To Know

“…a world without Totoro art is just “eh”…” 1. Soft and mellow Totoro with nature 2. Totoro the cloud 3. Isn’t Van Gogh Totoro good looking? 4. Mysterious yet pretty, this Totoro is uniqe 5. Oriental Totoro and friend. 6. How happy is this rainbow Totoro!? 7. Seeing the best view through Totoro 8. Cute…

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How to Make Totor Bread Bun

We love everything Totoro, including Totoro-inspired food of course~ Imagine having Totoro bun for breakfast everyday, how lovely will that be?! Speaking of Totoro bun, we have found you guys the cutest Totoro pull apart bun recipe from  . Are you ready for it? TOTORO PULL APART BREAD BUN RECIPE Ingredients: Bread Dough: 250g bread…

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How Many Totoro Plushie Do you Have ?

As we can’t  bring a real Totoro, we can only go for Totor plashes instead. Totoro Plushie comes in all sort of size and textures, there’s knitted ones, longer coated ones, and shorter coated ones. They are all super cuddly and are the best bedside buddies! Hugging a Totoro plushie is so fulfilling and therapeutic !…

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