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Totoro Society, as named, it is a society combined with many Totoro, me and you!

I guess there is no objection about what I am going to say next. Totoro is the most cutest, unique and iconic creature ever created in any century. Yes, “ONE of the MOST” is not applied here as he is the MOST among any other.


Tho there are many information flowing around about My Neighbor Totoro (i.e. the moive details, trailer, official Studio Ghibli image … ), they are all scattered. And… presented in a kinda boring way? At least this is what I think. Please don’t get me wrong about I want to build something to over the fact about this movie character, instead, I think there much more interesting related stories and they worth to share about this giant.


There are many many Totoro lovers here and there, including me of course! All from different countries, different background and different generation. So I was thinking why can’t we all be friend? I know it is not anything new to start a page on social media to group people with common interest as we can see there are many fans pages of different topics but I want it to be more interactive! Like we living at the same place with the same belief and working hard to form society all together. Without any barrier!


So basically, at here, you will find everything about the film My Neighbor Totoro and more specifically to the Totoro himself.
Totoro Society


Totoro Society was first formed on Instagram (Nov 2014)

Totoro may appear anytime anywhere near us, sometimes as a product, a piece of artwork and maybe a toy. Just many many types, from things that you often see to something you never thought of! Thanks to the technology, especially Instagram which allows us to instantly share whenever Totoro is nearby. In a very short period of time, this society grows from nothing to a nearly 20k by March 2015. We talk to each others by commenting and sharing with the our tags (#totoroishere #totorosociety @totorosociety). Thank you very much for all the input!


Totoro Society is expanding in 2015

Instagram is good but at the same time it is limited. So here we are! In 2015, you will see there will be more ideas coming through. Facebook page is one of it and followed other social connects as well as the website that you currently browsing.

This website – aiming to have a continuous grow by gathering informations around the worlds and ideas shared among all Totoro lovers.

— Hope here will eventually turn into our forever home —

Thank you very much

Totoro Society


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